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Before the fall of the Eastern Bloc, Berlin’s Stasi Prison was the site of unimaginable horrors. The former secret police hub as been shot many photographers since it became a memorial and museum, but these unsettling images captured by Philipp Lohöfener do an excellent job of conveying just how haunting the space remains over 20 years later. “When you walk through these cells and rooms, it is no
Last week, Apple chief executive Tim Cook took the stage and announced the new iPad in San Francisco. Even though the device looks and acts like the previous version, there’s a lot that’s new under the surface.

For starters, the new iPad boasts a magical 9.7-inch “Retina Display” screen with 2048-by-1536 resolution. That’s a million more pixels than an HDTV.

The tablet also offers a greatly
Why are we so fascinated by medical dramas? From the high drama of Casualty and ER to the squeamish reality of Embarrassing Bodies and One Born Every Minute, it is hard to look away. Books with a medical or health theme are equally popular on best-selling lists.

When it comes to how our bodies function and malfunction, we are hooked.

Without doubt, medical science is a rich source of storie
London (CNN) -- Andrei Filatov, chess expert and Russian billionaire, is turning his hand to a new business: Soviet-era art.

Filatov, a 40-year old professional chess player and businessman, is investing in his love of Soviet Union art by scouting the world for pieces created behind the Iron Curtain.
The Ukrainian-born businessman, valued by Forbes at $1.3 billion and ranked as Russia's 68th
In the worldwide cultural juggernaut that is hip-hop, it's widely understood that the spontaneous lyrical improvisation of freestyle rap is the genre's purest form of creation. More often than not, how well a rapper navigates this stream-of-conscious realm is the yardstick by which talent is measured.

But what's happening in the brain during this creative "flow" state? It's a question that res
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